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Atlanta SEO Agency - A “ROI-Focused” Agency

Have you hired an Atlanta SEO agency, but been disappointed with the results? Are you done dumping your hard-earned money into ineffective marketing strategies?

Avoid Atlanta SEO Experts

Atlanta SEO Experts are a Thing of the Past. It’s Time to Hire a Partner Who Can Elevate Your Business to New Heights!

With the following steps, Atlanta SEO Agency can take your business to a higher level.

Identify Your Target Market

We find the audience that’s right for your product or service. We learn what motivates them, and then develop a strategy that gets them to engage with your business.

Identify the Best Keywords

We perform keyword research to find the most effective keywords for your business. We then focus on the keywords that will produce the best results.

Analyze the Competition

We check the competition to see what works and what doesn’t. We then use that information to help us improve upon your website.

Strive for Page #1 Rankings

Our internally-tested and proven ranking factors can help you soar past your competition to improve your website ranking.

Get More Clicks

Search engines return 13 or more results per search. We use strategies that make your website more attractive to searchers. The result is more clicks for your website.

Convert Visitors

A badly-optimized website can ruin your business. Our optimization techniques improve your website’s performance and creates a better user experience. This helps convert visitors to qualified leads.


Pricing depends on several factors. These factors include your target area, competition, industry, and how quickly you want results.

Generally, you can expect to spend at least $850 per month for sufficient results from a small, local SEO campaign. A company charging less is likely to provide below-average services that rely on outdated strategies and cheap overseas labor.

If you’ve checked prices with different SEO companies, then you know prices vary widely. You might get quoted as little as $200 per month or more than $5,000 per month. The reasoning is that SEO is a broad term that means different things to different companies.

One company’s SEO package might mean monitoring and ranking your website. But another company’s SEO package might include a massive and in-depth internet marketing campaign that includes analyzing your growth. The cost depends on what’s being offered.

It can take months to see the results of SEO. The time it takes to see results depends on things such as the age of business, business reviews/reputation, and previous SEO work. And using a low-quality SEO company means even slower results – if any.

Atlanta SEO Agency uses techniques to quickly find the best keywords for your website. We’re able to find easy to rank keywords that produce long-term results. Our service pays for itself by making it possible for your business to quickly grow.

If your website is well-established, you can expect to see significant growth within 3 to 6 months. A new website usually takes at least 6 months before seeing significant results. But it all depends. Some of our clients experience major business growth within the first month, but those results aren’t typical.

You can expect to see the full results of SEO within a year. But a good SEO service provider is never really done with a website. Improving a website and producing more leads is an ongoing activity.

We suggest focusing on quality over quantity. Look at the company’s results, not so much at the number of clients they’ve served. A company should gladly provide references so you can speak with their clients. It’s best to research a company’s record to see what kind of results they get for their clients.

Possible signs of trouble ahead include: refusing to provide references, refusing to discuss what they plan to do for your business, guaranteeing super-fast results, and promising that you’ll make a specific amount of money.

Atlanta SEO Agency is a unique digital marketing agency. For us, it’s about more than just building and ranking websites. We focus on helping businesses succeed.

We can show how some of our clients have enjoyed an average of 1,000% return on investment. We also have the references and case studies to support your claims.

Atlanta SEO Agency is special because:

We spend thousands of dollars to perform internal tests and experiments to see which strategies work best for your business.
Atlanta SEO Agency has been in business for 5-years. We are thriving, and offer our clients peace of mind and stability.
We meet with you monthly - for free - for marketing consulting, and to answer any questions you have.
Chris LaMorte is our marketing director. He has more than 10 years of experience with creating profitable companies. And he owns several small businesses.
Our work is ongoing. We never stop trying to improve your return on investment.
We don’t waste time on gimmicks that don’t help your business. If it doesn’t benefit your business, then we don’t do it.
We only work with companies that we’re sure we can help.

- What’s Included in Your SEO Packages?

SEO Services Focused on Your Business.

Our SEO packages aren’t pre-built. We prefer to build client strategies based on what’s best for the situation. That means our strategy improves and evolves as needed.

We recommend a budget of at least $850 per month for small, non-competitive markets. And $3,000 or more is recommended for businesses in highly-competitive markets. An average client is likely to invest at least $2,300 per month on SEO.

Are National SEO Campaigns Possible?

Not at this time. We focus on local SEO for businesses that serve a local market. Examples include plumbers, roofers, chiropractors, and mechanics. We don’t provide SEO services for eCommerce or national websites.

Do You have an Office with Employees? How Old is the Business?

Atlanta SEO Agency has been in operation for 5 years. We have 2 part-time employees, and 4 full-time employees. We also work with a number of independent contractors and suppliers.

Our office is small and inexpensive, which allows us to keep our overhead low. Most of our employees work remotely in an environment that’s beneficial to them.

At Atlanta SEO Agency, we keep operational costs low. This means your budget actually goes into activities that benefit your business.

SEO Services with Proven Results...

Have you hired an Atlanta SEO agency that promised big results? You waited for months, wondering when you’d see the results of your investment.

But 5 months later, you still hadn’t seen a return on your investment. There was practically no growth in business, and no indication that your thousands of dollars were well spent.

That scenario is not all that uncommon. Very few SEO companies, in Atlanta and elsewhere, offer tangible results. Even fewer focus on increasing profitability for your business. Finding an affordable company that also produces tangible results is like finding gold at the end of a rainbow.

Our SEO services were created with local businesses and organizations in mind. We are small business entrepreneurs ourselves, so we can relate to the needs of other small businesses.

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